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Class times

Our school day is structured as follows:- 

8:40 am
First bell
Students may enter the classroom to prepare themselves for the start of school.
8.45 am
Second bell, school begins
10.30 am
Morning Tea break
10.45 am
11.00 am
12.40 pm
12.55 pm
Play time
Morning Tea finishes
Lunch break
Play time 
1.30 pm
3.00 pm
Lunch break finishes
Dismissal for whole school
The wooden seats in front of the resource centre and the parade area at the western gate are meeting points for parents collecting students.



It is important students are punctual for school. Students should be at school before the first bell to allow them time to settle down and prepare for the start of the school day. Apart from exceptional circumstances, there should be no need for children to be at school before 8.15 a.m. Children who arrive before this time are required to stay under A-block until 8.15 a.m.

Parents requiring their children to arrive late or depart school early are required by law to sign their children in and out at the school office.


What sort of start is your child getting?

Just a little bit late doesn't seem much but ........

He/ She is only missing just….
That equals….
Which is…..
and over 13 years of schooling that’s...
10 minutes per day
50 minutes per week
Nearly 1.5 weeks per year
Nearly Half a year
20 minutes per day
1 hour 40 mins per week
Over 2.5 Weeks per year
Nearly 1 year
Half an hour per day
Half a day per week
4 Weeks per Year
Nearly 1 and a Half years
1 hour per day
1 day per week
8 Weeks per year
Over 2 and a Half years


Did you know your child's best learning time is at the staff of the Day?

That's when every minute counts the most!


Every child matters every day.

One or two days a week doesn't seem much but.... 

If your child misses….
That equals….
Which is…..
and over 13 years of schooling that’s...
This is equal to …
1 day per fortnight
20 Days per year
4 weeks per year
Nearly 1.5 years
finishing at grade 11
1 day per week
40 Days per year
8 weeks per year
Over 2.5 years
finishing at grade 10
2 days per week
80 Days per year
16 weeks per year
Over 5 years
finishing at grade 7
3 days per week
120 Days per year
24 weeks per year
Nearly 8 years
 finishing at grade 4