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Sensational Science

​Year 7 boys assessment task.

This term, students in the 4-7 class have been exploring ways in which scientific understanding can assist in the early detection of severe weather events such as cyclones. We have learnt how cyclones are formed and the affect cyclones have on living and non-living things in our environment. Cyclones and severe weather events are caused by processes that we cannot see. However, in science, we can model these processes to help explain the weather we observe and predict weather changes. We have studied a number of models that demonstrate convection currents in water and have spent time applying what we have observed to the convection currents that exist in the air. We have learnt that hot air rises and cool air sinks and this distribution of air not only causes wind but affects the direction of wind and the speed of wind.

Check out our Year 6 and 7 students modelling convection currents as part of a recent assessment task. They did a fantastic job!