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Robotics Workshop

On the 23rd April, students in the 5-6 class were visited by two representatives from Robogals Toowoomba (which is a student-run organization that aims to increase female participation in engineering and technology).
Our workshop started with students being asked to demonstrate ‘programming logic’ by guiding a blindfolded student through a maze in our classroom, as if the blindfolded student was a robot. Our students loved this activity as they eagerly observed how the ‘student robot’ responded to each command.
Then, in groups, students had to construct their lego robots. This was a challenging activity as students had to work out how to follow instructions, look for certain pieces and take turns building.
Finally, students were able to apply what they learnt from observing their ‘student robot’ to come up with ideas on how to program their own LEGO taskbot to navigate a maze. This took a LOT of trial and error and perseverance but also a whole HEAP of fun!
What does all of this mean in the real world? Programming a robot to navigate a maze is similar to real-world engineering design projects, such as controlling a Mars Rover to explore the planet surface.
Congratulations to those groups who successfully programmed their taskbot to navigate a maze...just imagine what you will be capable of in the future!