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Parenting Pointers - mornings

Mornings are often chaotic. Both parents and children generally have a great deal to do to prepare for the day. It is also important that children get to school on time so they can make the most of their learning experiences.
Attention-seekers and dawdlers often find mornings are ideal times to keep their parents busy with them. Many morning difficulties arise due to a lack of understanding of the roles to be performed. Most children, even young ones, are capable of doing their morning tasks without parental interference, yet we so often take those responsibilities away from them.
•Establish a clear routine - work out an order of activities that everyone understands.
•Place the morning activities on a chart or even a photo chart. Charts help younger children and boys who are ‘organisationally challenged’ to go through their routine activities.
•Identify the jobs that your children are to do, such as preparing their cereal, clearing dishes away, dressing, washing themselves and preparing school bags.
•Slow starters can prepare the night before. They can lay their clothes out or just make sure their bag is packed.
•Be aware of possible distractions and get rid of them. Some children become absorbed in television; television, if it’s to be watched, can be turned on when children are ready for the day. Some spend an eternity carefully choosing their clothes; clothes can be chosen and laid out the night before.
•Avoid covering for children’s misbehaviour. If you are suffering due to their refusal to cooperate, or because they are moving slowly, then put the responsibility for misbehaviour where it should be – with the children. Allow them to experience the consequences of being late to school or even having to dress at school!