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Farmer Green Visits Wellcamp School

Planting at Wellcamp
​Wellcamp P-1 students do some gardening.

Last week saw our annual Amaroo day.  For something different, Mrs Green came to us.  She came, cleverly disguised as Farmer Green.  Our Year 1 children recognised her as Mrs Green, the Environmental Teacher but the Preps enjoyed her character of Farmer Green.

Farmer Green arrived in her farm ute loaded with goodies for the activities that would take place until the end of middle session.

Farmer Green had previously sent us a letter in the mail asking for our help with a problem.  The birds on her farm had been eating her produce.  We saw photos of her half-eaten fruit and came up with an idea to help her.  We would make a scarecrow and teach her how to make one.  She would then be able to make one of her own to keep the birds away.  It took just one morning to create our scarecrow thanks to Mrs Missingham supplying the hay and Mr Missingham's old clothes.  What a FANTASTIC scarecrow we made together, not to mention the fun we had!!!!

Our day of activities with Farmer Green began with explaining how we made our scarecrow.  We were so proud of the job we did, that we all wanted to tell her at once.  Farmer Green couldn't wait to go home to get started on her own scarecrow.

The next activity involved looking at farm produce and where and how they grew. We had to wear a blindfold and use our senses to identify what we held in our hands.  Before we knew it morning tea had arrived.  It was difficult for us to leave Farmer Green but we were hungry so off we went with a promise that we would be back when the bell rang.

We returned eagerly to resume our farm activities with our friend, Farmer Green.  Now it was time to learn about how seeds grow.  Farmer Green had pictures of the stages of plant growth from planting a seed to it becoming a flower.  After Farmer Green explained each of the stages, she mixed up the pictures and gave them to us.   Our job was to put them in the correct sequence.  What fun we had whilst learning!

As Farmer Green had promised us two surprises, it was time to reveal one now and save one for later.  She had brought us some produce that came from a cow.  Yes, she brought us some milk.  She  showed us plain white milk and said that it came from white cows. Next she had some chocolate milk and said that it came from brown cows.  She  even said that strawberry milk comes from red cows.  Oh Farmer Green we are far too clever to believe that!  We know about strawberry and chocolate Quik but that was a funny trick to play on us. 

After this we took part in rotating around three activities. Farmer Green took a rotation which involved planting some seedlings around our citrus trees.  Miss Dowe supervised the sponge printing of farm items.  Mrs Missingham helped us to make a flower picture.

Soon it was time to go outside for our second surprise.  Farmer Green had set some eggs  around three weeks ago so that she could bring along some newly hatched chicks for us to hold.  We saw them eat and watched their mother hen Lacey fuss over them.

By now we were becoming tired from the excitement of the day.  Farmer  Green had animals to feed and fruit to harvest so it was time to say goodbye and thank her for an intensely exciting day!   We won't forget what you taught us Farmer Green and good luck with your scarecrow!