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We left school about 8.15am. We stopped at Chinchilla for morning tea. When we arrived at Columboola we had lunch. Our first activity was compass orienteering, which all the class loved.

Once afternoon tea was finished, we had our second activity which was archery. Some of us loved it and shot the target easily. The teachers had a go but Mrs Trenaman had trouble aiming. Mrs S was a ninja and hit the targets each time!

Last week the 3-7 classes went on a camp to Columboola Environmental Educational Centre where we spent three days enjoying all the fun activities.

After dinner we went on a night walk through the bush. We walked a lot and we stopped in clearing and looked at the stars. We tried to find a satellite and the northern star.
When the night walk was finished we went to bed. Each tent had 2-3 people in each tent. The tent city was divided into a girl and a boy section. Mrs S and Mrs T slept in the girl’s area. Mrs Castles and Mrs Cahill were with the boys. Mrs Cahill even put up her own tent!


When everyone woke up and were dressed, we had breakfast. Our first activity after breakfast was GPS orienteering where we learnt to use a GPS to find different locations around the camp.
Our second activity was the Low ropes where students got into groups of 3 and were challenged to complete the course. One person completed each activity while the other 2 were the spotters. It was the spotter’s job to try to stop the person from falling. Lauren fell on Hayley and Taylah Bogg fell on Alex. Ouch!
After morning tea, we built catapults. We built them using bamboo and rope. We learnt how to tie a clover hitch. Then we got to fire soaking sponges at each other. We also got to shoot at Mrs S and Mrs T but only Aaron was lucky enough to hit Mrs S in the leg.


Our next activity was tools and weapons where we learnt how to throw a boomerang and spears at wooden targets. Everyone was good at spears but throwing a boomerang was hard!

In the afternoon we walked further into the bush to build a hut out of fallen branches. We had two teams that worked together to build a group hut.


Afterwards we ate dinner then made bush popcorn. We made popcorn using kerosene camping stoves. Once the popcorn was made we ate it while watching the Talent acts.





We had breakfast and packed up our tents. Then we travelled to Dogwood Creek in Miles where we had morning tea. We were then given materials to build a raft. The challenge set by Steve was to try to float your raft across Dogwood Creek without anyone falling in the water. It was fun working in teams to design and build our rafts. Unfortunately none of our rafts floated!!
After packing up and getting changed out of our wet clothes, we boarded the bus and headed to Chinchilla to eat our lunch in the park. It took us around 2 ½ hours to get home. Lots of children and even some of the teachers had a little snooze.
It was an exciting camp and a great experience. We hope to go back some day!
by Maddy, Caleb, Hayley & Alex